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A Real-World Impact

There is more than one way to reach your potential, and TWE helps you achieve your goals with in-depth project engineer training, dedicated mentorship, community engagement, and professional growth.

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TWE's flagship 10 week summer internship program will provide valuable hands-on experience in field work, laboratory testing and fundamentals of geotechnical engineering design.

Geotechnical Engineering - Field Exposure - Laboratory Testing

Intern Profile

Program Benefits


  1. Designated mentor who will guide, train, and advise you through every step of the internship experience

  2. Opportunities to learn from our leadership with 1:1 feedback

  3. Expand your network

  4. Work on meaningful and complex engineering projects with senior management and project leaders.

  5. Capstone project presentation


Average Undergrad GPA

(on 4.0 Scale)


Pursuing a Civil Engineering degree

MS and PhD students are welcomed to apply

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Engineer Career Development


10-Week Summer Internship

Saul Saganti
University of Houston, Civil Engineering

“I am very glad I was able to do actual engineering work and write memos & reports for projects. I was trusted with so much and was given so many opportunities to learn from this internship.”

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